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New County Glazing was founded over 35 years ago, we aim to provide our clients the best advice and assistance in helping them choose the right Upvc windows and doors in order to comply with current window regulations.
Our Double Glazing consultants have 40 years’ experience in the glass and upvc window trade and are happy to provide this service without charge or obligation to you. The real concern at the moment is heat loss through windows and doors this can range from 40 watts kelvin on an average square meter of glass to as little as 12 watts. You will be pleased to know that all our windows are ‘A’ rated. This equates to 20% more energy efficiency than conventional double glazing. All our units contain inert argon gas. This acts as an insulator and barrier to keep warmth from escaping from your home.

upvc windows scunthorpe

High Secure Locks

You can rest assured when it comes to security, because our windows are subjected to vigorous and repeated testing to show just how resistant our products are to forced entry.
What choices do I have? - The design and style of upvc doors and windows that you decide to choose is of the upmost importance as the wrong design might not your suit your individual home. This is where we come in; we can guide you through all the pitfalls that most customers don’t see, we can lead you down the road of finding the right window or door that matches and suits your individual property.


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It is a fact that the major consideration our customers have is the design of the windows and doors. In today’s market place there are a huge number of choices in architectural styles and designs in the British home so windows that would suit one house, might not look right in another or look out-of-place. 
This is important when you choose or consider the design of your existing upvc windows. If your existing windows don’t match the original design, then try to look at similar properties in the same street for the original window design. By doing this you can find the true structure intended by the architect and you may want to adapt or adopt that design. It is always a good idea to go outside and try to imagine what your home will look like with different window designs. It is always a good idea to take a photo of your house, which you can then compare with pictures you have seen in brochures.

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We have been fitting Double Glazing to windows and doors in the Scunthorpe area since 1985 our knowhow enables us to inform our customers about upto date inivations and developments in the upvc window industry so you can rest assured we're fitting with the very latest and highest quality window and door. All our windows and doors are installed by our own window fitters, all our windows come with high security features.

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